Application #DEV2019/1073



PDA Northshore Hamilton, Brisbane
Reference # DEV2019/1073
Applicant Brookfield Portside East Pty Ltd C/- Saunders Havill Group
Site address 1A, 15, 23 and 221A Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton (and including 11, 33 and 97 Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton for the purposes of the SPP amendment)
Property Description Lot 951 SP287536, lots 703 and 704 SP287531 and lot 1 on SP224040 – building 17 plus wharf site [and including additional lot 705 on SP287529, CTS52881 (scheme land), and lots 301 and 900 on SP257483 for the purposes of the SPP amendment
Application type Material Change of Use
Proposal Details Mixed use development (multiple residential, office, food premises, shop, indoor entertainment, indoor sport and recreation) and incorporating a sub precinct plan amendment
Accompanied by Sub Precinct Plan
Status Properly Made


Approval Package